Roller Coaster Proposal

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This Is Actually The Craziest Wedding Proposal Of All. Really. Time.

It’s hard to know what Austin Crecelius was considering when he suggested to his girlfriend Allie on a moving roller coaster. “You should not fall the band,” would need to be towards the top of record.

“i really hope my pals are receiving this on video clip,” might possibly be a close second.

It seems that, at some stage in their own wacky commitment, Allie informed Austin that life was like a roller coaster, along with its good and the bad. He latched onto this concept, foregoing an elegant bistro or walk-on the beach for “The Voyage” at vacation World.

Have a look at video clip below. As Austin launches into his spiel and additionally they begin to climb up, Allie starts spending a lot more awareness of the lady sweetheart as compared to upcoming drop. He is in Speech Mode, maybe not their regular chatting voice. She will inform some thing is up.

“existence has its own downs and ups, twists and changes,” says Austin, “also it only tosses you for a circle sometimes.”

“But it’s more fun with a pal,” the guy continues. Once he extends to “and so i planned to ask you to answer…” Allie is actually overcome with emotion.

As well overcome to react a great deal into terrifying ancestry that uses. But by the point they achieve base, she’s cheerful.

As well as causeing this to be hand gesture — like, “Dude, precisely what the hell was that?”

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Great on Austin for combining one butterflies-in-the-stomach occasion with another for a suggestion their girlfriend will not forget. And best of luck on brand-new pair. Listed here is wanting that, whatever the pros and cons on their future drive together, its full of delights.

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